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Home pop paint work

House interior expert. Generally within every 6 to 7 years you need to renovate your house because in 6 to 7 years many things in your house getting old or functioning not properly. You will patches in paints or star removing of paint from wall and ceiling, there might be some cracks in plaster, you will see old plaster start removing, in bathroom you will see somewhere cracking of tiles, your main gate paint start fading, all doors paint or polish start fading etc. so to solve all these problems you undergo the house interior process. Read the following steps and understand how you can start house interior.

house renovation

House painting during house interior

You can plan complete interior and exterior paint for your house in every 6 to 7 years. This is requirement for your house because your house will not look good and attractive. After complete interior and exterior paint your house will like very beautiful.

Change Wall and floor tile work

In bathroom, kitchen and other areas check your tile condition if there is any cracks then you must replace it. Now go with the branded and good quality of tiles that will give better and modern look. In bathroom and kitchen try to use full wall tile.

Plaster repair and water proofing

Check your complete house for breaking of old plaster make a list. Remove plaster of damage area and use some water proofing that will prevent sealant and increase the life of your plaster. After plastering 1 to days watering that area so it will be strong and increase the life of plaster.

Floor polish

After 4 to 5 years you will see that the shine of your House marble floor will turn into dull so you must plan to floor polish so it will again started shining and look beautiful and attractive. Minimum 2 to 3 different scales run the floor polish machine in entire house.

Woodwork repair

Take a look on your every old woodwork that is in your bedroom, drawing room, kitchen etc. check all that these are functioning good or not, if these is any problem then repair it and in case of major problem change it.

Paint pop contractor

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