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Home renovation services in Gurugram

Want false ceiling work. False ceiling design can make your bedroom very impressive and attractive and you will feel that your bedroom is like heaven. Try to hire very expert false ceiling contractor who can have lots of false ceiling design options and one can have many false ceiling design ideas. These days there are many different types of false ceiling design options are available so you can select any from those options for your bedroom false ceiling design. We have some false ceiling options that is pop false ceiling, gypsum false ceiling, wooden false ceiling, grid false ceiling design, ceiling design with pop and mdf board etc. you can read below to know some false ceiling design types.



Gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum false ceilings are widely used for commercial false ceiling design like in office, shop, hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, showroom, factory, jewelry showroom etc. But if you have expert false ceiling contractor then you can plan for gypsum false ceiling in your bedroom, it will look very beautiful and attractive.

POP false ceiling design

POP false ceiling is very popular for residential false ceiling design. POP false ceiling is widely used for bedroom false ceiling design. Your pop false ceiling contractor must have many design options for your bedroom false ceiling design. Using pop false ceiling you can go with the any kind of designs. If you are planning for very complex and attractive design for your bedroom then you will pay high rates to your false ceiling contractors. Your pop false ceiling deign cost will depends upon the false ceiling designs if you will select normal deigns then you will have to pay normal cost and for complex design you will have to pay higher cost.

Wooden false ceiling

Wooden false designs are very popular and it is used from very long time. It was the first option for bedroom false ceiling when pop and other modern false ceiling material was not available in the market. Now day’s wooden false ceiling design are still in trends and it also look very beautiful. If you will use it in your bedroom making combination of all woodwork in bedroom than it will attract visitor’s eyes.

Grid false ceiling design

Grind false ceiling are generally used in commercial space but some people are using it in bedroom if there is any water sealant problem from roof because grid false ceiling design does not effected from water sealant and it also look very beautiful.


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